Backpack Balloon for PixMob

Who doesn’t like a party? Even better when everyone has an LED Wristband and Backpack Balloon! As part of a big event where thousands of LED wristbands are handed out they are hard to collect at the end of the event, this was made a lot easier by our LED Backpack Balloon. These stand out […]

Helping Royal British Legion Celebrate Pride

5th June 2019 As the official supplier for balloons and inflatables of Pride. Bloon were delighted to help The Royal British Legion participate in various pride events with our unique Bloon Walkers. A Bloon Walker is a large inflatable that is carried using a specially designed backpack that has a rod to support the 80cm balloon […]

Illuminated Backpack Balloons

12th October 2018 As the nights draw in and winter approaches. Here at Bloon, we have already started looking towards solutions for our clients. We came up with Back Pack Balloons with illumination. These creative Bloon walkers are unique to Bloon in their design. Every element has been purposely designed from the ground up. They […]

Lighting Balloons for Milk Man

26th April 2018 We recently produced 3 inflatable lighting balloons for vaping company Milk Man. The balloons had a bright LED light inside and sit on a tripod. They are being used at exhibitions across the UK and are sure to catch attention with their striking black and white artwork. The lighting balloons are super […]