What a DUCKING Shambles

Following a fantastic exhibition and advertising campaign across London. Foodhub contacted Bloon to manage a guerrilla marketing stunt that needed to be planned and executed within 48 hours. Being Bloon they made it happen! After a social media post went viral on Reddit questioning if the Duck on the Docks that Bloon operated, was the […]

ALTCOP Guerrilla Marketing and Aerial Marketing

advertising hot air balloon. Aerial marketing , branded hot air balloon

We like a challenge here at Bloon. This project certainly was one of those! Read on for our example of Guerilla Marketing and Aerial Marketing. With the global climate conference, COP2020 Glasgow was cancelled. BrewDog founders James Watt & Martin Dickie decided to host the ALT COP. A virtual online conference giving insights into how […]

Fat Cat City Of London PR Stunt

8th March 2018 Bloon recently was commissioned to manage a PR/Guerilla Marketing stunt for bank TSB. Our brief was to create 5 inflatable fat cats and grab attention around the city of London.  Our solution was to drive 5 huge 20ft cats around various London landmarks on the back of lorries. Each cat was made […]