Helium Blimps for McArthur Glen

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Bloon helped McArthur Glen re-open across Europe with our top of the range helium blimps. A helium blimp from Bloon is not a cheap PVC blimp that you would find made in China. Our Helium blimps are fabric covered with rigid fins, this ensures their quality and stability whilst in flight. Of course, if you […]

RAF Advertising Blimp

29th September 2016 When the Royal Air Force needed an advertising blimp as a site marker. The obvious choice was the UK’s leading inflatable and aerial marketing agency. The bloonists visited the site in London to discuss the various options and requirements for the blimp which is to be part of their fantastic WW2 exhibition. Several designs […]

Helium Blimp for Jewson

26th September 2016 Jewson builders merchants have taken delivery of their new branded advertising blimp. Utilising the ability to be seen from far and wide, the helium advertising blimp will be used at various stores across the UK. Helium blimps are great marketing tools. Being able to be seen from miles around and flying at […]

Riko Helium Blimp

Rinko Branded Helium Blimp Inflated and Flying

15th September 2016 When grass machinery experts RIKO wanted a helium inflatable to launch their new product at APF 2016, they tried several companies with their first thought of a helium-filled sphere. This was based on their experience of having seen spheres at various events. During a phone call to Bloon, it was discovered that […]

Vodafone Blimp in Ireland

25th July 2016 The Vodafone Comedy festival blimp will be out again over the skies of Dublin, Ireland from Thursday 28th – Sunday 31st July. The 20ft long digitally printed blimp is operated by Bloon’s Irish partners. Having a base in Ireland allows Bloon to easily supply promotional inflatables with a local knowledge and logistics […]