Breast Inflatables for Elvie #freethefeed Campaign

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8th April 2019 Once again Bloon were delighted to supply 5 giant inflatable breasts of various sizes, skin tones and features for the #freethefeed campaign. This was another challenging campaign with the 5 inflatables all being situated on rooftops across Shoreditch in London. Many of the locations were difficult to get all of the equipment […]

The Inflatable Boobs Are Back

7th February 2018 Bloon were delighted to help Mother London celebrate their 21st Birthday at a fantastic exhibition of their not for profit work called “Not For Sale”. The brief was to have the giant breast on display for visitors, however, the main issue was that the room needed to be silent. Considering the inflatable […]

Giant Inflatable Breast!!

28th March 2017 When advertising agency Mother London wanted to challenge perceptions on breastfeeding in public, they wanted to make a BIG statement! That statement came in the form of a giant 8-meter breast. Not only was this a big statement is was also a big challenge. With little over a week to get this […]