Foodhub at Flames & Thunder Santa Pod

Another week and another operation for Foodhub as part of their marketing campaign. This time we took to the Flames & Thunder Event at Santa Pod Raceway. Bloon had ensured it had a big enough stand so their was enough footing for the branded food truck and giant duck to be set up. Before Bloon […]

Foodhub’s Giant Duck on London Southbank

Promotional inflatable on the south bank London

As part of Foodhubs growth in the takeaway industry. Bloon has been tasked with exposing the brand more with activation’s around the UK. Doing this using the branded food truck and inflatables products including the very popular giant duck. To start of these activation’s Bloon took the giant duck to observation point in London. As […]

Preventx Parade Balloon at City of London Gallery

After being a massive success at Pride, Preventx contact Bloon to have their parade balloon operated for an international conference at the City of London Gallery. Bloon set up in the parade balloon in the gallery square using cold air pumps as the inflatable was only being set up as a display piece so the […]

Movember Helium Balloon at Silverstone Raceway

Giant parade balloon, Helium parade balloon, Promotional helium balloon, Helium inflatable, Advertising helium balloon,

Once again the only official Movember helium balloon was out to get content to promote Movember next month. Due to COVID this balloon has not been used since 2019. Movember contacted Bloon wanting to get their fantastic mustache helium balloon re-operating after being stored with Bloon since the last operation. A Bloonist retested the helium […]

Foodhub – Continued Freshers Tour

Another week of Universities Freshers Tour for our client Foodhub. Bloon have continued to support Foodhub with the transport and operation of their inflatable equipment. See below where we were and how we operated in that area and pictures of the events at the end. Keele University A very busy day for students and engagement […]