JJ Loughran – Hillhead Quarry Exhibition

Advertising Inflatable. Helium Inflatable. Hillhead Quarry Exhibition. Inflatable Marketing. Ariel Marketing

Bloon recently installed a 2.5m Helium Cube and 6m Helium Blimp for JJ Loughran at Hillhead Quarry Exhibition. The outdoor exhibition runs for 3 days across June and is the biennial showcase for the quarrying, construction and recycling industries in the UK. Using Helium Inflatables allows the stand to be advertised from all angles of the quarry, this is also […]

Inflatable Jellies – CBeebies

Jelly Inflatables. Inflatable Marketing, Advertising Inflatable, Sealed Air Inflatable, Event Inflatable

Bloon recently produced some Inflatable Jellies, for a CBeebies event held at Alton Towers. After contacting multiple other companies, the client had been told that this was not possible. Bloon ensured that this was possible and this is exactly was what was achieved. The Inflatable Jellies were designed and produced all within 3 days. A […]

Exhibition Sphere – Synopsys

Advertising Inflatable, Inflatable Marketing, Helium Sphere, Exhibition Balloon, Exhibition Sphere

Pero Creative recently contacted Bloon to operate their client Synopsys, branded sphere at the Excel in London for the InfoSec Security for another year running. Pero Creative have worked closely with Bloon for a number of years. With multiple clients across the exhibition world, Bloon have provided and operated multiple branded spheres for their exhibition kits. Bloon makes the operating a […]

Hot Air Balloon Tether – Painshill

Hot Air Balloon Tether, Hot Air Balloon Hire, Hot Air Balloon Information, Tethered Ride, Hire

Bloon recently tethered a Hot Air Balloon at Painshill Park in Cobham. Painshill Park wanted to create a unique experience for guests of the parks and their park directors. Across the two days of tethering, guests of the park were able to join the pilot in the basket and have a tethered ride to see the sights […]

Inflatable Columns – West-Dunbartonshire

Inflatable Column, Advertising Inflatable, Inflatable Marketing, Outdoor Marketing, Event Inflatables

Bloon recently designed and produced two Start and Finish 5m inflatable columns for West Dunbartonshire Council. The Inflatable Columns are fitted with banner space on the the top and bottom of each side of the column. This allows changing the branding with ease for each specific event and adding additional space of sponsorship’s. Theses custom designed columns come as an […]

Jackass Inflatable – New Hire Item

Jackass Inflatable, Inflatable Advertising, Inflatable Marketing, Custom Inflatable

Bloon have recently accrued the giant Jackass Inflatable! First operated across locations in London with the support of Johnny Knoxville being present to promote the new film. When operated in London is drew the attraction of multiples News outlets like The Daily Mail, Mirror, and The Guardian. Showing how Inflatable Marketing really works! Standing at […]

Pig Sphere – Jetwash International

Inflatable Pig, Pig Sphere, Helium Inflatable, Inflatable Advertising, Exhibition Inflatable, Exhibition Balloon

Bloon recently produced a 2.5m Sphere to look like a Pig. The Inflatable Sphere featured Inflatable Ears and Nose. This was produced for Jetwash International and was first installed at the NEC in Birmingham for The British Pig and Poultry Fair. Branded Exhibition Balloons are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business. […]

Sun Replica New – Naked Solar

Sun Replica Advertising Inflatable, Inflatable Marketing, Hanging Inflatable, Lighting Balloon

Naked Solar recently recontacted Bloon for another Sun Replica. Bloon previously produced a 2.5m Sealed Air Sun Replica. This was used as a display item in the entrance of their show room. The original Sun worked great over the years but now Naked Solar wanted to take it to the next level. Instead of the […]

Sponge Learning Exhibition Party Balloon

Branded Inflatable Exhibition Sphere. Advertising Inflatable, Inflatable Marketing, Exhibition Inflatable

Bloon was recently contacted by Creation Exhibitions, to help with the design and production of party shaped style exhibition balloon. The balloon is to go above Sponge Learning stand at the Excel London as part of the Learning and Development Show. The inflatable balloon is a sealed air inflatable and is to be hung from truss within the venue. […]

Air Dancer for Champion Glazing

Advertising Inflatable. Air Dancer, Sky Dancer, Wavy Man, Branded Inflatable For Champion Glazing

Champion Glazing approached Bloon needing to elevate their brand visibility. With their goals in mind, our team designed an Inflatable Air Dancer for Champion Glazing that suited the requirements and hit the brief of their desired Advertising Inflatable. Crafting the Perfect Air Dancer: Our design process began with a deep dive into Champion Glazing’s brand […]