Sky Dancer for Accessory World

Advertising Inflatable. Air Dancer, Sky Dancer, Wavy Man, Branded Inflatable For Accessory World

Accessory World approached Bloon needing to elevate their brand visibility. With their goals in mind, our team designed an Inflatable Sky Dancer for Accessory World that suited the requirements and hit the brief of their desired Advertising Inflatable. Crafting the Perfect Air Dancer: Our design process began with a deep dive into Accessory World’s brand […]

Branded Exhibition Balloon for SVAR

Advertising Inflatable, Inflatable Marketing, Helium Inflatable, Exhibition Inflatable, Exhibition Balloon

Bloon recently produced a 2m Branded Exhibition Balloon for SVAR. This inflatable sphere it to be used at exhibitions across Iceland. The sphere has been produced to be used as a helium inflatable as part of a new travelling exhibition stand. Branded Exhibition Balloons are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business. […]

Branded Mirror Balls for DTF

Inflatable Branded Mirror Ball, Inflatable Advertising, Inflatable Marketing. Inflatables for Events.

Down to Funk recently contacted Bloon requiring Branded Mirror Balls producing for their up-coming events. The Chrome/Silver Mirrors are able to be branded in multiple applications. This is done by using a print when producing or a vinyl fitted once produced. Down to Funk opted for the Vinyl applications for their branding. Bloon uses a […]

Olsen Actuators Exhibition Sphere

Branded Inflatable Exhibition Moon, Planet Inflatable, Advertising Inflatable, Exhibition Stand

Bloon has had the pleasure of working with Olsen Actuators to design and and produce a 2m Exhibition Sphere for their new exhibition stand. Olsen’s new stand is apart of their travelling kit going to multiple aviation and automotive shows across the UK advertising their range of products. When working together, Bloon and Olsen knew […]

Excool Exhibition Inflatable 2024

Branded Exhibition Inflatable, Expo Sphere, Branded Inflatable, Inflatable Marketing

Another year of operations for our long-standing client Pero Creative. Every year their client Excool attends the Data Centre Exhibition at Excel London. As a part of their stand, Bloon inflates and fits an Expo Sphere to their stand. Excool uses an Inflatable Sphere as an alternative to hanging signs. Before the exhibition, Excool ships the […]

Prove Anything – Exhibition Sphere

Exhibition Sphere branded for Prove Anything. Advertising Inflatable. Inflatable Marketing.

Bloon recently supported the production and installation of a 2m Exhibition Sphere for Prove Anything. This sphere was first used at the Event Production Show at Excel London, ensuring the Prove Anything stand stood out to the rest of exhibitors. Branded Inflatable Spheres are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business. With the […]

Top Banana – Mirror Ball Hire

Mirror Ball Hire, Inflatable Mirror Balls, Inflatable Advertising, Event Inflatables

Bloon recently worked with the team from Top Banana to transform the Manchester Convection Center into a stunning venue for a gala dinner with our Inflatable Mirror Ball Hire. Using multiple sizes and coloured Mirror Balls, Bloon designed and installed an amazing hanging display with multiple clusters of Mirror Balls. Ranging in sizes of 60cm […]

Table Art – 2m Earth Inflatable

Table Art Earth Sphere Inflatable on Test Inflation

Bloon recently produced a 2m Earth Inflatable for their long standing client Table Art. This Inflatable Earth is to used as a hire item across multiple events. Adding to Table Arts stock of inflatables previously produced by Bloon. The earth is a cold air inflatable with a fan and lighting unit fitted within the top. […]

Richard Langs – Exhibition Sphere

Richard Langs Branded Sphere, Inflatable Sphere, Sphere Balloon, Advertising Inflatable, Aerial Marketing

Another year and another exhibition for Richard Langs which included their 2m Inflatable Exhibition Sphere. The 2m Expo Sphere Balloon has become a staple part of Richard Langs’ stand, floating above the fantastically designed exhibition stand. Being used at both Autumn and Spring Fair every year Sphere Balloon gets plenty of use and still looks the same as when it […]

ARAG SE – Gold Mirror Balls

Gold Mirror Balls on Display at Bristol Beacon

Bloon recently installed a range of Gold Mirror Balls on hire for ARAG SE. These were installed at the Bristol Beacon venue as part of a large conference. Multiple of these inflatables were used across the venue to create a fantastic display at the entrance of the venue and on the main stage. Bloon installed […]