Built for Athletes Inflatable Backpacks

inflatable backpack, inflatable bag, inflatable rucksack.

Bloon was recently contacted by Built for Athletes for an inflatables product that can be used indoor and outdoor at numerous events and exhibitions. The inflatable needed to be able to be packed up so it can be taken in a van with all their kit, but of course they wanted it big enough to […]

Foodhub – Giant Inflatable Duck

As part of a bulk order from a new client Foodhub. Bloon recently designed and produced a giant inflatable duck. This 10m inflatable duck is to be used across various events across the UK. Starting with a University Freshers tour throughout September. With Foodhub being a Stoke-on-Trent based company and also being the official sponsor […]

Britannia Beckwith Balloon Replica

Bloon recently designed and produced and 10m Balloon Replica for Britannia Beckwith Storage in Brighton. To celebrate the store launch, the client wanted to go big and bold. So why not have an inflatable the same size as a hot air balloon? The inflatable was produced using a thick coated PVC material, that is durable […]

Diablo’s Inflatable Logo Letters

Bloon recently designed and produced a 12m Inflatable letter log display for Diablo Automotive. The inflatable letter is cold air inflated by a constant air fan. Bloon provides the fan with all cold air products purchased. The Diablo letter inflatable has a colour fade from the bottom to the top of the letters. This is […]

Goose&Ganders Inflatable Goose

Bloon recently produced an advertising inflatable goose for Goose&Gander. The inflatable is a mascot for the brand and is set to be at events across the UK. The inflatable goose features banner space on each side so it can be used to new to promote new products or sales. The goose had undergone a lot […]

Harlequins Rugby Shootout with bepoke sports inflatable

Harlequins contacted Bloon at the late end of 2021 to produce a Rugby Shootout for their foundation. The sports inflatable shootout goal has been used at numerous charity events held by Harlequins since production. The shootout is designed to allow guests of the Harlequins events to practice their rugby throws and kicks. The back catch […]

Kara Makeup Studio – International Women’s Day

Kara Makeup Studio contacted Bloon with an idea for an inflatable marketing campaign for International Women’s Days. The brief was to take the Internal Women’s Day logo and turn this into a 10m Inflatable. The inflatable was then inflated and situated by Kara Makeup Studio for all the local footfall to see. The inflatable was […]